Mercedes "Sprinter" Vancamper Rentals
by Roadtrek
RS Adventurous, CS Adventurous and SS Agile models

also servicing RENO International Airport

for the discriminating traveler...who wants simplicity AND high-end comforts

The "solar" Roadtrek Sprinters are 'the' state of the art Van Campers.
You can view the SS Agile (sleeps 1-2), the CS Adventurous (sleeps 2-3) and the RS Adventurous (sleeps 2-4) on

Finally, an 
RV with super low emissions and great MPG that allows you to 'stay' on your terms...
The SS Agile gets 24-25 mpg; Adventurous models 18-20mpg).

With an electric only hookup, you drive a short distance to a campground once or twice a week to fill your water and dump your waste, but otherwise, you are self-contained and can stay "off the grid". Freedom from "hookups" also opens up a whole range of national and local forests, and desert campgrounds with limited or no hookups.  You can 'dry camp' (aka boondocking): there are NO RULES for where you can or can't boondock, so you are a truly independent traveler.

Truly environmentally friendly. Sophisticated engineering.  Luxury Amenities.

Fuel efficient AND FUN TO DRIVE !

This vehicle maneuvers like a mini-van. There are a gazillion Mercedes safety features built into this ROADTREK. I encourage you to visit  the Roadtrek website for more information on these models, and be sure to read all the praise on-line.

The custom Roadtrek RS and CS ADVENTUROUS models, and the nimble SS Agile,  travel effortlessly up steep, narrow twisting roads that few, if any, RV's ever get to travel. Travel to that summit, and camp in style. Off the grid if the spot is incredible. 

A road trip in this rig clarifies our connection to the past: Mark Twain, cowboy sagas. These Roadtreks are more than a curiosity.  A road trip in a Roadtrek Sprinter is exuberant, un-embellished: like galloping a thoroughbred across the flashing landscape. Instead of trotting on a donkey.  There is nothing more "American" than exploring, and expanding your "frontiers".

Take to the road and reclaim your freedom to be who and what you are in the face of an ever-changing landscape and the constant unpredictability of the world outside you.  No matter how it goes for you on the road, you cannot help but feel somehow restored and made whole again by the process of a road trip.  If nothing else, you can re-train yourself to "go with it".

The Roadtrek Sprinters have full bathrooms with a shower, full kitchen with two burner propane stove, refrigerator/freezer, plenty of storage for food, clothes, games and anything else you may want to bring.  There are two completely removable dining/card/conversation tables. 

Don't forget to bake a casserole in your oven! Or fresh morning scones.

You have numerous electrical outlets for your laptop or smart phone; there are overhead and under counter lights everywhere for every purpose...even a toaster and a coffee maker. Stocked with premium coffee.....

and treats!

Full heating by thermostat, A/C and two fans to keep your inside travels comfortable to your taste and needs.


Every Roadtrek rental has a VIZIO 24” LCD TV with full surround sound, a DVD that you can watch from bed, while you look out your privacy windows to check the scenery.  Sirius Satellite Radio is available in most of the rental units: bringing you all that great road music of the 40's 50's and 60's all the way to hip-hop.

Whether you are touring the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Joshua Tree, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Yosemite, Virginia City....
Whether you are exploring the archeaologically significant deserts of Nevada; or driving to Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Montana or beyond, this is a perfect starting point for your journey.  

If your "journey" is stalled; if you have lost your adventurous true self,
then you MUST return to the road and re-learn how to LOVE EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS!

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